Wednesday, February 1, 2012


We have been packed for a while, two years actually. We started the moving process in 2009, and we have officially MOVED!

The Lord has blessed us with the perfect home. The house is cozy, it is yellow, which happens to be my favorite color. The house is peaceful.

The kids share a room, the play room is full of laughter, movies and toys. The basement is the perfect place for a guys night. The kitchen is by far a favorite of mine, it is open, it is big with lots of windows and space for our table. It is peaceful! It is home!

It has a great porch. The backward is a place for Isaac to run around and be a boy.

Our boxes are unpacked, the pictures are hung and we are settled in. More to come soon!


  1. LOVE this so much!!!! I am so happy for you guys!!! Love you all so much!!! LOVE the house soooo much!! ~Jovan

  2. Your house looks amazing!! I can't wait to see it in person! Let me know when the coffee's on! Xoxo