Friday, February 24, 2012

House: Our Bedroom

One of the places I love the most in our house is our bedroom. It is the place where we get to rest and retreat. It was important to me to make sure it was peaceful and comfortable.

The two green quilts were made by Grandma Postma, Andrew's grandma and I can say without a doubt that as she sewed each piece she also prayed over us. I love those quilts. I treasure them. I wrap up in them and feel protected.

From my side of the bed I can see pictures of our wedding, some more wedding flowers, the sword that I gave my husband on that beloved day and pictures of our two children.

I love falling asleep looking at those things!

This chair is where I nurse Caitlyn in the middle of the night but it is also the place I cover up with a Grandma Postma quilt and spend time talking to Jesus about my beloveds. We talk, I journal, I read and I listen in this chair. It is the perfect place to meet with Him.

We have some wedding pictures around the room...

... and we share every inch of the closet, his clothes are on one side, mine are on the other, we have some clothes in the middle and shoes are tucked into every corner possible!

We also have our own bathroom, which we share every inch of as well. There is no one I would rather share with than my man!

I love this room, it is the perfect shade of green, thanks to my daddy who painted it for us and it is just the perfect peaceful retreat!

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