Sunday, February 12, 2012


It was so fun this year... Isaac and his daddy found a box of SpiderMan Valentines! We have spent a little time each night putting them together for his friends from school. It is really fun to watch him write the names of his friends in the place labeled "To" and to write his name in the place labeled "From".

By the way, notice the green cape, that means "Flysaac" has come to the house. Flysaac is Isaac's super hero name, so when the cape appears, so does Flysaac!

Bless his heart, he has worked hard on his valentines. Writing each and every one. Spelling the names of his friends, taping a piece of candy to each one and decorating with a heart shaped sticker!

It has been fun. I am so glad to have these kinds of things to do at our kitchen table. It makes my heart happy!

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