Wednesday, February 22, 2012

House: I love....

I love that my kids hang their coats and backpacks under a scripture that says He is their constant source of stability; He abundantly provides safety and great wisdom and He will give all these things to those who fear Him.

It takes the pressure off me to be perfect.

I love that I have a place to write. I desk to study at. A place to blog and a place to work.

I love that the wall leading up the stairs is filled with hand painted artwork. Watercolor paintings done by my MorMor and paintings hung beside them that are done by Isaac. I cannot wait to add Caitlyn's art to our collection.

I love that my husband knows me well enough to order me the most perfect present and then fill it with wine that I would like, just so I can feel special at the end of the day.

I love that my books are unpacked. I love that can study to write and read to get to know Him, all in different places in our house.

I love that there are snow boots by the back door. I love that we have a back door that leads to a yard that still has snow in it.

I love the colored pencils on the kitchen counter that remind me that a kid who is learning every minute of every day lives here.

I love that our entry way is out in the open. I love that it looks like a family lives here.

I love the reminders of my beloved Nhyja, I love her collar and the pictures that adorn our home.

I love that coloring books, homework, bills, mail and a baby monitor all sit together on our entry way cubbie.

I love that there are sprinkles of our wedding flowers all over the house. It reminds me that this all started with two people, well, it started because the Lord chose us for each other and therefore, we are one. Together, even if we are tired, hungry, annoyed, happy, loveable, laughing, crying or just still, we are one. It started with us, on the day we promised to do this thing called life together, no matter what.

I love it because it is not ours, it is His. He provided this home for us, we don't own it, we just live here and call it home. It is perfect.

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