Tuesday, February 21, 2012

House: Kids Bedroom

The kids share a room. Isaac has wanted "Sister" to sleep with him in his room since we were at the townhome. So, when we moved, they got their own room, together!

The house needed no painting (with the exception of the master bedroom), so the rooms were already the colors I love. Thank you Jesus! The kids' room is the perfect shade of brown, for a boy and a girl.

We removed the doors to the closet and put the crib in the "nook". Isaac and I made Caitlyn a nightlight out of ribbon, tule and Christmas lights. There is a special heart that hangs down that Isaac made for her before we moved.

Above the crib sits some of my stuff from when I was a baby/little girl. Dolls, American Girl Books, and beloved keepsake items. Some of my favorite stuffed animals keep the dolls company and a hand painted Scripture canvas painting sits in the corner.

Caitlyn's crib is decorated with brown and pink linen's, a baby quilt made by Grandma Postma and a precious doll that Caitlyn cannot sleep with out, not to mention the famous hat that keeps her warm at night.

In Isaac's neck of the room, sits his bed, a toy box full of stuffed animals, the cardboard spaceship he and his daddy made, that is used as a laundry basket and an airplane!

The airplane hangs from the ceiling and is one of Isaac's favorite things!

Scripture and pictures adorn the walls. Mama needs to get some pictures of Caitlyn framed and matted and mounted, but that will come shortly!

They sleep here, they rest here and they are here together. Often times I will hear Isaac talking to "Sister" before he falls asleep. It is sweet to listen in on them through the monitor. He talks to her and she "coos" back at him. It is precious.

So far, it hasn't been too hard for them to share a room, the late night feedings don't wake up Isaac, there have been times when Isaac has gotten up in the night and Caitlyn sleeps right through it all.

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