Tuesday, June 23, 2009

1 Day Down, 3 1/2 to Go...

Praises be to Sweet Jesus we made it through Monday. Am I really the only one out there that gets super excited for vacations and when they finally come, the days leading up to them always seem to go on forever!!!!

Well, Monday ended with a late night at work, late meaning I finally left my desk around 7:15pm, which means it was an 11 hour day. I got home just in time for give Isaac a bath and spend some one on one time with him while he played in the tub. Even if the evening was a short one, it was fabulous. Mind you, I am a little emotional about leaving this time, only because I will not see my baby for more than a week. He will stay at Grandpa Marty’s and Grandma Cheryl’s house until we all meet up for the 4th of July in the mountains… so this mama will miss her baby...

But back to the fact that I am the kind of woman that is super prepared... or at least I like to pretend to be. I love making lists, using my sticky notes and colored pens and getting everything all neat and organized. So last night, I got to use one of my new colored sharpies and check a few things off the list, well three things actually, I have included my lists for your viewing pleasure.

As you can see, I have spread out my things to do over the entire week. I know it might look obsessive, but once we get back from our trip, we only have a few days at home before we leave again, so I want to make sure we are ready for both trips.

Funny how even the most “prepared” person can still be unprepared… you see, no matter what gets done on the lists, no matter how the house is left when we leave for the airport, we still have to get on the plane. We will have to stay on the plane until it takes off and we will have to get back on the plane to come home. As I attempt to physically prepare Andrew and I for this trip, I must also prepare spiritually for this trip.

My list of things “to do” is not as long as my list of things to pray over. Trust me. I want to make sure the preparation for the trip is peaceful, not stressful. I have prayed for the Lord to show me ways that I can prepare for this trip and take some of the burden off my man, so I made lists. I can pack for him, do the laundry, clean the house, pack Isaac and the dog and yet, I cannot take the anxiety away. I am still “discussing” that one with the Lord, if I could just carry that for him, just for this weekend, so he might have a peaceful vacation, it would change our lives.

Jesus, bring peace among our preparations. Bring strength as we are weak, bring comfort as we are fearful and bring blessings. I trust you, I trust in your Word and the promises You have laid before me. Specially, Jesus, remove this anxiety from my man, strip him of all that causes anxiety. Bring him peace and bless this vacation. I call upon the power of your name Sweet Jesus, I love you. Amen

Oh and Satan, you are not welcome here, get behind us, we belong to Him and you are nothing to us.

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