Friday, June 26, 2009

Bring it on... Today is the day...

Ours bags our packed, my toes are a fabulous shade of hot pink and I have invested in water proof mascara. I am ready. I am ready to walk into this battle with my man. I am prepared. I have prayed. I have read the Word. I have assembled my team of prayer warriors and now, I will watch my husband be victorious and I will give all the glory to Him and Him alone.

I gave my man this sword on our wedding day, for such a time as this. I wanted him to be prepared for the battles that were to come and the responsibilites he had being the man of our house. I wanted this sword to symbolize his role as well as my role as he went out and defended our family. I wanted him to be physically prepared for what was to come. I wanted him to know that when the time came for him to enter into war, he was prepared with a sword, The Sword, the sword of truth. Most of all I wanted him to know that he was fighting on a team that will not be defeated. Regardless of if he felt defeated or victorous, his team has already won and I wanted him to have a visual reminder of that everyday.

Now, I also wanted him to know that he has a partner, a prayer warrior and a woman who will welcome him home regardless of victory or defeat. I wanted him to know that I would create a safe and peaceful home to provide shelter and rest in between battles. I wanted him to know that I will fight along side him if needed.

And, today, we have been prepared for such a time. Do you think it would be an issue if I brought the sword along for the plane ride? I seriously think it might make my man feel better...

But sersiouly - today, we are prepared for battle. We are prepared to face whatever is to come together, as one, united by the blood of Jesus.

Sweet Jesus - bring it on. We are prepared for what you have in store and want to glorify you. You my Lord are worthy of all the praise and glory I can muster. I love you. Thank you for preparing me 5 years ago on my wedding day for this very moment. Thank you for providing me with the visual reminder of the sword over the last 3 years. I love you - Praise you sweet Jesus. Amen

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