Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blistered but Steady Feet

I have been looking for new shoes for a while now. I wanted to get a cute pair of black and brown sandals that I could wear at work and on the weekends. I finally found something I liked at Payless, well, I only found a pair of black shoes there. However, I went to Kmart and found a pair of brown sandals, both pairs look fabulous. They are simple, cute and hied all the things I hate about my feet in a very stylish and fabulous way.

Following my weekend purchases, I had to get away from the office yesterday, it was the typical Monday. I was missing my baby and I longed to be at home, I had laundry to get done, I wanted to clean the house and I was drawn to the idea of having all the windows open, reading while Isaac napped and fresh air blew thru the house. So, since I HAD to be at work, on my lunch break I went to get my toe nails painted, I am too cheap to pay for a pedicure but I will pay the $8.00 to have them change up the color... I had the most uncomfortable, yet sassy shoes on and I wanted to slip into my new fancy black sandals but my toes nails were in no shape to be on display at work. So a little lunch out of the office was a must, plus it totally opened up the option to display my new shoes several times this week.

So today, I got dressed with my new brown sandals in mind. My entire outfit was focused around what looked best with my shoes. I changed my pants three times just to make sure I had on the ones that looked just perfect with my sandals. Once I had selected the perfect pants, the rest of the outfit just came together. The morning went smooth; I got Isaac to day care on time and to work on time. The trouble did not start until around 10am, just a little over 2 hours after I first slipped my feet into my new fabulous, fiercely adorable brown sandals from Kmart.

Around 10am I tell ya, my feet were on FIRE! The sandals were easy to walk in, but the leather strap that ran across the top of my feet dug into the sides and just kept digging with each step. I am convinced I will break them in. They were cheap, they are cute and they are just a titch uncomfortable, but I am praying about that. Seriously, I am going to pray about the breaking in process of these shoes because my heart is just so fond of them.

It all got me thinking, Psalm 17:5 says, My steps have held to your paths; my feet have not slipped. Then if you turn to Psalm 26:12, it reads, My feet stand on level ground; in the great assembly I will praise the LORD. And finally, there is Psalm 40:2, He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.

During the entire day, I never had any trouble walking in the shoes. My feet were stable with each step I took, but with each step that leather strap just dug farther into the skin on the sides of my feet. I left for work with a cute outfit and new shoes and I came home with blisters. How many times in our lives do we experience the exact same thing? How many times do we find out selves in the midst of trying times, painful times, yet it is in those times that we are stable, our feet don’t slip, our faith holds strong, our foundation is rock solid. Those are promises I cling to. Those are promises I pray over my son, that his days, no matter how difficult, may be days with steady feet. I pray that he might stand on holy ground, steady ground and stable ground, regardless of what might come his way.

I am so honored to serve a God who places my feet on a rock; He gives me a firm place to stand and He makes sure my feet do not slip; regardless of what shoes I happen to choose that morning. Regardless of the choices we make, His promises remain. How great is our God? Seriously? How Great Thou Art!

Sweet Jesus I love you – Thank you for keeping my feet steady, regardless of what shoes I choose to wear in the morning. Regardless of my choices, you are You, and You are God. And I LOVE YOU! I praise you Abba, I praise you! Oh and Daddy, please heal my blistered feet and ease the break in process of my new shoes. Bless me with comfortable brown sassy sandals. Amen.

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