Friday, June 26, 2009

5 hours and countng...

Well, work is done, I have enjoyed a little bit of McDonalds and I have vacumed the house. I would compare these last 5 hours to the preparations right before a big gymnastics competition. I have downloaded my "competition" music, I have written scriptures on sticky notes and placed them in my shoes. You see, ss a gymnast when I would get really nervous I would write scripture on sticky notes and place them in my shoes or leotard. I had scripture written on the back side of my grips or sometimes ont he inside of my sports bra... It was comforting to me to have the Word with me at my most nerve racking moments as an athelete. And today, I find myself doing the exact same thing.

I know Jesus has something big planned for us, regardless of if we get on the plane or back in the car, I will stand faithful and praise Him.

Check back for updates, Sweet Jesus has blessed me with the ability to update the blog from my phone so I will keep my warriors up to date. Much love. I am humbled by your prayers.

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